At ESKALATER we asked the question, why is there so much high end expensive stationery in our classrooms, but the school, where it used, whose community bought it all, receives NOTHING from it? 

ESKALATER allows you to turn your communities existing spending to benefit your students schooling environment directly. ESKALATER's highly popular unique stationery is a great addition to your fete or library event, or even as a specific fundraiser for new year stationery! Parent run stalls with pre event promotion are lucrative fundraisers for P & C's and P & F's.

ESKALATER's fundraising stationery allows you to DOUBLE your investment, no 10% or 20% profit margins here, we strive to deliver 50% discount from normal pricing on most items. FUNDRAISING with REAL PROFIT with ESKALATER! 

For example, the $550 inc GST wholesale pack, which includes either a standard or your list of included stock, will raise up to $1100 at RRP prices. We pre price all the items for you so your volunteers do not have to worry about what to charge on the day. 

We send you a spreadsheet with all items listed, with wholesale pricing, RRP and the number included in your pack.

Hop over to our stationery pack page at 

or email at or call on 0466 568 769 for more info. We are happy to tailor a solution to suit your requirements.